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Need less out of pocket?
Have a story about credit history?
Need structured payment schedules to meet varying income streams?
We are ready to help!


Simple and fast documentation process.  We want to emphasize your productivity, not drag you down with paperwork.


Have needs? You can count on us. We will consult you in your aim to better your company’s needs from start to finish.


Quick response time…and funding. Time is money!


We offer more than just a lease. You want choices, ask us about our other options to serve your equipment investment needs.

About Us



Simplified Leasing is a leader in providing solutions for your commercial equipment funding needs. We feel it is important to provide more programs and services than our “cookie-cutter” minded competitors. With more than 25+ years consulting business owners with options to obtain equipment to increase their bottom line and grow faster than their competition, we are geared up to help and we know what our customers expect from a financial services provider.

Over 80% of all U.S. companies or corporations lease some or all of their business equipment. In order to secure our fair share of that business Simplified Leasing must think “outside the box,” to offer custom financing solutions that offer real value to our clients.



The fast, courteous and professional individuals at Simplified Leasing will be understanding with your needs and work hard in obtaining the best financing solutions for you or your clients on a deal by deal basis. Our clients and funding partners benefit from:

  • Flexible Finance Programs – We work hard to provide high program value and competitive funding rates.
  • Simple and Fast Documentation Process – We want to emphasize your productivity, not complex form filling.
  • Dedicated Support – You can count on us in providing fast, straight-forward answers to any of your needs. We will support you in your aim to better your company’s needs, from start to finish.
  • Quick Response – By using today’s technology, the turnaround time is fast and painless. From credit reports to documentation and funding, we will get you up and running.
  • Flexibility – Longer terms and lower payments structured to fit your budget. Whether you are a professional looking for a quick solution to a current need, a manufacturer, direct vendor, or sales company looking to better serve your clients, we believe that no one in the industry strives harder to serve your needs. Simplified Leasing will work hard to ensure you have a great financing experience.

Our Mission

To be one of the nation’s leaders in providing a one stop shop to business owners or those who seek to become business owners (startups) seeking quality financing options to assist their company in achieving their landmarks and goals. Using our portfolio of providers to differentiate ourselves, services and financial products, we seek to define that financing does not have to be confusing or difficult. An informed decision is the best decision. This is where you come to obtain that clarity and direction.

We offer a relaxed yet professional workplace for self-starters who possess good people skills. Our clients depend on us to help them through all kinds of capital needs. We must be good listeners and when we are done listening, provide options and solutions to our clients. To best accomplish these tasks, we employ and partner with those who are interested in seeing others succeed in business so that we too may succeed in business. It is a universal lawBy serving life in a positive way, life serves us back in equal proportions (or higher). In knowing this law, why would anyone want to do anything less?

Servicing the entire USA in most every industry that exists, our valued clients receive consulting and assistance to obtain SBA Loans, Equipment Leases, Working Capital, Unsecured Credit Lines, Commercial Real Estate Loans (both private and institutional), Accounts Receivable and Purchase Order Financing and Asset Based Loans and financing program to offer their customers. We can even assist our clients in obtaining the best credit card processing service so that they can assist their customers who seek to pay them with a credit card.

While we welcome all who have perfect credit; we realize bad things happen to good people too. Give us a call. We most likely have a program for you!